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Sony bluetooth headphones wireless

Sony bluetooth headphones wireless

Product Code: 450bt
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  • Wireless Listening - NFC Technology.
  • - Connect through Bluetooth with NFC.
  • - High Quality Bluetooth audio streaming.
  • - 40mm driver units for broad, dynamic and balanced sound.
  • - 20-20,000 Hz frequency response when streaming wirelessly or even broader frequency response from 3-28,000 Hz when using the audio cable.
  • - Electronic Bass Boost button for impressive low-end bass response and club-like enhanced low-frequencies.
  • - Wrap around ear cushions for long lasting comfort.
  • - Ear cushions with acoustic seal for initiate listening experience
  • - Swiveling ear cups with flat folding.
  • - NFC Smart phone linking.
  • - Integrated Microphone and Bluetooth for hands-free calling.

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