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Illuminating Skin Perfector By MAKE UP FACTORY

The light reflecting liquid gives the complexion a radiant appearance and a subtle, mysterious glow...

28,800 ل.س

Sensitive Eye Shadow Base By MAKE UP FACTORY

Creamy delicate eye shadow foundation in neutral colors. It prolongs the wear time of eye shadow and..

17,280 ل.س

Eye Brow Powder By MAKE UP FACTORY

Eye Brow Powder With StencilsTwo color coordinated eyebrow powders in a convenient set. Contains fou..

58,800 ل.س

Multitalent Powder And Foundation Brush By MAKE UP FACTORY

High-quality, high-quality brush with a special blend of natural and artificial bristles of differen..

52,800 ل.س


This blush consists of especially fine high-quality powder. It will put a hint of color on your chee..

36,000 ل.س

Kajal Definer By MAKE UP FACTORY

The Kajal Definer is a classic eyeliner of professional quality. The convincing features of the defi..

28,800 ل.س

Mat Lip Fluid longlasting By MAKE UP FACTORY

Mat Lip Fluid longlasting is an extremely long-adhering lip gloss with a matt finish. It contains pu..

23,040 ل.س

Liquid Eye Designer By MAKE UP FACTORY

The color-rich Liquid Eye Designer with precision felt tip guarantees an expressive gaze. Due to the..

36,000 ل.س

Smoky Liner long-lasting & waterproof By MAKE UP FACTORY

The Smoky Liner is a new eyeliner with an integrated brush at the end. With a brush made from high-q..

17,280 ل.س

Eye Brow Styler By MAKE UP FACTORY

The eyebrow stick with special brush shapes the eyebrows perfectly. The long-lasting smooth texture ..

38,400 ل.س

Non-smudge Mascara By MAKE UP FACTORY

The black pigmented texture coats the eyelashes with intensive and long-lasting color for maximum co..

25,920 ل.س

Compact Powder By MAKE UP FACTORY

even silky-soft skin appearance. The ultra-fine texture based on the use of top quality powder ..

43,200 ل.س

Light Reflecting Concealer By MAKE UP FACTORY

The elegant concealer with its light-reflecting pigments is ideally suited for concealing minor redn..

28,800 ل.س

Magnetic Lips semi mat & long lasting By MAKE UP FACTORY

Magnetic Lips covers lips with intense, long-lasting color, which clings to lips like a magnet. The ..

43,200 ل.س

Make up & Camouflage Sponge By MAKE UP FACTORY

Eight latex wedges for even applications of camouflage and liquid make up. Thanks to their triangula..

5,760 ل.س

Strobing Fluid By MAKE UP FACTORY

The Strobing Fluid’s shimmering texture is ideal for the strobing trend: with this make up technique..

60,000 ل.س

Eye Shadow Colors By MAKE UP FACTORY

Four color coordinated eye shadow powders with applicator inside a classy box. The high-quality cast..

23,040 ل.س

Oil-free Foundation By MAKE UP FACTORY

As make up for normal to oily skin, the Oil-free Foundation creates a matt skin appearance. Special ..

23,040 ل.س

Concealer Brush By MAKE UP FACTORY

A new, flat brush for perfect coverage is the vegan concealer brush made of purely synthetic brush h..

14,400 ل.س

Liquid Eyeliner By MAKE UP FACTORY

The gel-based Liquid Eye Liner is particularly easy to apply and creates an even eyelid line. The co..

36,000 ل.س

Bamboo Lip Peeling By MAKE UP FACTORY

The first care step for kissably soft lips. This gentle lip peeling carefully removes dead skin flak..

36,000 ل.س

Mat Effect Make up Base By MAKE UP FACTORY

After an application of the transparent Make up Base, the complexion will look even and the skin is ..

52,800 ل.س

Tailored Lashes By MAKE UP FACTORY

The new collection Tailored Lashes by Make up Factory offers a unique lash concept for every eye sha..

38,400 ل.س

Eye Lift Corrector By MAKE UP FACTORY

The Eye Lift Corrector consists of a creamy eye shadow foundation and a slightly yellowish tint. Thi..

14,400 ل.س

Sharpener for Eyebrow Lifting Stick By MAKE UP FACTORY

The sharpener features a top-quality metal blade for precise sharpening. It is ideally suited for th..

12,000 ل.س

Corrector Stick By MAKE UP FACTORY

Apply the covering stick to reliably hide redness and skin blemishes. Your skin will look flawless a..

28,800 ل.س

Metallic Eyeliner By MAKE UP FACTORY

The creamy eye contour stick with metallic shimmering particles can be advanced and retracted. The M..

24,000 ل.س

Color Perfection Lip Liner By MAKE UP FACTORY

Unlimited color intensity and immediate coverage from the first application. Flaunt perfect lip cont..

31,200 ل.س

Anti Pigmentation Base SPF 30 by MAKE UP FACTORY

After an application of Anti Pigmentation Base with its light texture, the complexion will look even..

60,000 ل.س

Mineral Fixing Powder By MAKE UP FACTORY

The transparent Mineral Fixing Powder invisibly fixes any kind of foundation. It has a matting effec..

52,800 ل.س

Volumizing Lash Primer By MAKE UP FACTORY

Volumizing Lash Primer is a white foundation, which may be applied under any mascara. By coating eve..

48,000 ل.س

Eye Make up Remover Gel By MAKE UP FACTORY

Enjoy the pleasant sensation of the eye make up remover on the skin while it gently but thoroughly r..

26,400 ل.س

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