Catrice Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara Waterproof

The mascara is characterized by its curved rubber brushes that reach every eyelash, however short, a..

11,040 ل.س

Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil

Pen to determine the effect of the lips with a soft matt combination and a touch velvet quick-drying..

9,200 ل.س

Allround Mascara waterproof Brand CATRICE

The allrounder amongst our mascaras is now also available in Ultra Black with a deep-black carbon fo..

8,280 ل.س

Catrice Eye Brow Stylist

Spot on: center stage for the eye brows – the Eye Brow Stylist comes in a practical pen-shape and co..

9,200 ل.س

Catrice Inside Eye Highlighter Pen

Give your eyes a bright look and make them look wider..

8,280 ل.س

All Matt Plus Shine Control Brand CATRICE

The perfect basis for every season’s make-up looks: a matt complexion. The All Matt Plus - Shine Con..

23,000 ل.س

Catrice Brow Colorist Semi-Permanent Brow Mascara

Pro Colour. The Brow Colorist - Semi-Permanent Brow Mascara is based on a long-lasting, fibre-enrich..

13,110 ل.س

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Precision Concealer

The perfect complement to the base cream HD Concealer with a fine brush and a high composition Stabi..

5,750 ل.س

Catrice Longlasting Lip Pencil Catrice Longlasting Lip Pencil
17% off

Catrice Longlasting Lip Pencil

The high-precision, long-lasting stylus is easy to use and helps remove lipstick and excess color..

6,900 ل.س 8,280 ل.س

Professional pen to draw eyebrow accurately brand CATRICE

 center stage for your eye brows – the Eye Brow Stylist comes in a practical pen-shape and conv..

9,200 ل.س

Catrice Cosmetics Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara

The mascara is characterized by its curved rubber brushes that reach every eyelash, however short, a..

20,700 ل.س

Catrice Lip Treatment

The citrus aroma is rich in shea butter, which provides concentrated moisture to dry lips that can b..

5,520 ل.س

Volumizing lip booster Brand CATRICE

VOLUME TO GO!The Volumizing Lip Booster gives your lips a wonderful volume effect thanks to its ment..

12,420 ل.س

Catrice Eye Foundation Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

The creamy eyeshadow base in a tube design extends the durability of eye make-up. The texture can be..

9,200 ل.س

Catrice Inside Eye Khol Kajal

Ideal Eyeliner Pen for waterproof look and center black color..

9,890 ل.س

All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder Brand CATRICE

SHADES OF NUDEThe micro fine All Matt Plus - Shine Control Powder turns your skin into a shine-free ..

12,949 ل.س

Catrice Brow Comb Designer Pro

Deceptively realistic. Short, thin lines are quick and easy to achieve in the eyebrow area with the ..

8,280 ل.س

Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder

Light powder with ultra-smooth and light-reflecting minerals and pigments for a radiant appearance t..

17,020 ل.س

Catrice Power Gel 2in1 Base & Top Coat 10,5ml

Anti-yellowing foundation Enhances the shine of nail polish for smooth, flawless nails that can be u..

11,040 ل.س

Catrice Ultra Fine Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Statement Brows. Accurate, hair-thin lines are not a problem for the ultra slim automatic pencil wit..

10,810 ل.س

Catrice Glam & Doll Sculpt & Volume Mascara

Defining Doll. The new addition to the popular Glam & Doll Range, the Sculpt & Volume, defin..

14,260 ل.س

Vol. 2 Frosted Taupe Eyeshadow Brand CATRICE

A high-quality, powdery eye shadow that comes in an exciting packaging: cool nuances from ice blue t..

20,700 ل.س

Catrice Eye Brow Set

The ideal tool for gorgeous, shapely eyebrows: the practical CATRICE Eye Brow Set. In addition to tw..

14,260 ل.س

Catrice Kohl Kajal

The eight colors are a powerful proof of Katrys' efficiency, and these pens give your eyes a very at..

6,900 ل.س

Allround Concealer Brand CATRICE

A whole palette of options to always look great. With this set of five shades, it’s easy to even out..

12,880 ل.س

Catrice Camouflage Cream

UNDER COVER STARA true must-have for a flawless complexion. The Camouflage Cream with a long-lasting..

10,350 ل.س

Catrice Highlighting Eyeshadow

You can easily use it to add a charming lighting touch to the entire eyelid or the bottom of the eye..

9,200 ل.س

Catrice Prime And Fine Poreless Blur Primer 30ml

With a light texture on the skin and a soft and immediate effect that reduces the pores and smooths ..

17,710 ل.س

Lip balm brand CATRICE

Delight-Full LipsBeautifying Balm. The Volumizing Lip Balm creates voluminous lips and has a lovely ..

15,640 ل.س

Catrice Glamour Doll Curl & Volume Mascara

These mascara with its sophisticated rubber brushes cover every eyelash from your lashesThe result: ..

11,040 ل.س

Catrice Liquid Camouflage

This liquid debugger provides you with perfect coverage and care. It is highly durable and waterproo..

13,570 ل.س

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