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BEESLINE 9 Oils Hair Mask

Product specifications: for dyed and damaged hairMoisturizing hair mixture consisting of nine natura..


BEESLINE Beeswax Cold Cream - 60Ml

Beesline Cold CreamIt has a natural formula enriched with soothing rose extract, beeswax and preciou..


BEESLINE Body Strawberry Sugar Scrub

Product specifications: For dry and rough body skinBody scrub with sensory experience rich in sugar ..


BEESLINE Eye Contour Serum

Refreshing eyelid and orbit of the eye, helps to get rid of swelling and blackness in this areaIt no..


beesline Eye Contour Whitening Mask

An effective mask rich in natural extracts.1. Erases eye fatigue & dark circles2. Relaxes & ..


BEESLINE Facial Black Head Mask

Skin type: for blackheads and dirtBlackhead mask enriched with willow skin, rosemary and mint, it is..


BEESLINE Facial Lifting Mask

It eliminates the effects of fatigue and exhaustion everydayMoisturizes and replenishes skin cellsWe..


BEESLINE Facial Mud Mask

A clay based mask, rich in propolis & purifying plant extracts, it:Absorbs excess oil & toxi..


Beesline Facial Oxygen Daily Scrub

It removes daily deposits and dead cells from the skinIt helps the skin to breathe and recover- It g..


BEESLINE Facial Purifying Soap

Skin Type: For Sensitive, Dry & Oily Skin with imperfections (Age 15+) A vegetal soap, rich in p..


Beesline Facial Skin Toner

Refines, soothes & revitalizes the skin.Clears the skin enabling it to breathe again.Provides ra..


Beesline Facial Super Moisture Mask
Beesline Facial Super Moisture Mask

Beesline Facial Super Moisture Mask

Product specifications: for all skin typesA face mask that contains aloe juice and a pumpkin heart. ..

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beesline Facial Whitening Mask

For dark skin and dark spotsA face mask enriched with lightening, moisturizing and rejuvenating extr..


beesline Facial Whitening Scrub

Skin type: for dull skin and dark spotsFacial scrub rich in scrub, willow scrub, and pearl powder, t..


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