Remax Flinc Dual USB Charger 2.1A Charger Adapter

Remax Flinc Dual USB Charger 2.1A Charger Adapter

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Remax Flinc Adaptor Dual USB Port Charger 2.1A Travel RU-U29

Remax Flinc is the most usual convenient and simple as an ax, but powerful enough network charging with two USB. As for simplicity, we got excited: RP-U29 is of high quality and has several degrees of electrical protection. Charging is compact and made of pleasant matte plastic. With it, you can quickly charge two devices or one, but quickly. Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets – you can quickly charge any device, because the current in the Flinc Charger – 2.1A, so long to wait when not put in the charging time gadget stops swearing on your own battery will not have to!

 Available in black and white

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