The Novel "Hunchback of Notre Dam" by Victor Hugo

The Novel "Hunchback of Notre Dam" by Victor Hugo

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"Aubis Notre Dame" is a French romantic novel by Victor Hugo that deals with the events of his historical novel The Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Paris, in which the most important parts of the novel take place. The great French poet Alphonse de Lamartine described Victor Hugo after the appearance of the novel as Shakespeare's novel. Victor Hugo always took a stand against injustice and injustice and listened to the voice of the weak and the deprived, as an original creator did not live his life with cheese, reassuring himself with silence, and one of the most beautiful characters figure (Ahdab character).

 The "Notre Dame" is a historical account of Paris, its church, its expanse and its medieval back streets, a reformist novel of our contemporary standards, but revolutionary in comparison to its time. For the first time, a novel warns of the concept of class struggle after poverty and wealth were livelihoods. One of the surprising results of the novel is that it has incited the people of Paris to restore the neglected cathedral of Notre Dame, which attracted thousands of tourists after the novel. The novel also encouraged the revival of awareness of pre-Renaissance buildings. The canine of Notre Dame can be a novel of the necessity of human love as a way to divine love as is the novel of loss and the innocent accuser.

The novel "Notre Dame Paris" was translated for the first time into Arabic and was signed by Ziad Al-Awda 2010 - Ministry of Culture - Damascus  About 900 pages. It has been translated dozens of times in summary or incomplete. The novel was best known for its central character, "The Notre Dame", which was inspired by its author, Victor Hugo, who was waking up with the students every morning while studying in Spain. It was brought out on the screen of film, television and theater times, translated into most languages ​​of the earth, and then inspired the company "Walt Disney" edition of the children a happy ending.

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