The Book "The Secret" by the Australian Writer Ronda Byren

The Book "The Secret" by the Australian Writer Ronda Byren

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The book "The Secret", whose writer sees the greatest mystery in life as the "law of attraction," which states that ideas have a magnetic force that attracts things that happen to you in your life, sends signals and vibrations to the universe to pick up all things that carry the same pulse. Because everything you send back to its source (you). Which means that man is able to change his life by changing his ideas. Your current thoughts are your future because they evolve into things and things that get you. To determine your thoughts you need to know how you feel, because emotions are valuable tools to know what you are thinking. It is impossible to feel bad and to be good at the same time. So be sure to feel positive, because you will bring more ideas and good things to your life. You should use anything that helps you change your thoughts, such as happy memories. Ideas can become facts when you focus on them with your thinking, through the laws of the subconscious mind and steps to achieve the secret can attract happiness, wealth and health.

- author Rhonda Bayern describes the steps needed for attraction.

- What you have to do to reach your goal is to attract money, attract partner, attract beloved, attract health and wonderful life

- The book "The Great Secret" (Law of Attraction) is one of the best-selling books in the world.

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