"The Book "Staying Strong 365 Days a Year by the writer Demi Lovato

"The Book "Staying Strong 365 Days a Year by the writer Demi Lovato

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Stay strong for you

The year consists of 365 days. If you take your time a few minutes to think about what is going on with you in detail these days, you will find that life is tossing you like a lost baseball ball. You climb up and down again, so you have to stand up and stay strong not for others but for you. The book is a collection of thoughts, quotations, tips or suggestions and some personal stories that give us a lesson at the end of the day.

Summary of the book "Staying Strong 365 Days a Year"

The writer begins with a message to the reader about herself and her repeated attempts to find true happiness and muddle between failures and successes and how words can make an important difference in the lives of some people and inspire them to be strong.

The book has been divided into all the days of the year by dates and starts from January 1 and ends on December 31st and each day contains a sub-title of a story or an article and perhaps the subtitle is one of the famous or favorite quotations of the writer. And then each page ends with a goal related to the subject and what to do at the end of the day to remain strong and happy?

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