Medical devices

Blood pressure manual Rossmax

White enamel 300 mmHg no-pin stop manometerChrome-plate brass air release valveLatex free cuffStetho..

34,500 ل.س

Blood sugar test device O2


11,500 ل.س

Gleneo lite blood monitor

Made In KoreaKFDA, US FDA and CE approvalsGDH-FAD enzyme strip in accordance with ISO 15197:2013 sta..

29,900 ل.س

Adhesive tape operations  

Adhesive operations  ..

4,600 ل.س

Blood sugar detector Gluco Lab

Result in 5 seconds accuracy in results ..

23,000 ل.س

Robotic Cushion Massage

This great feeling massaging seat has infrared heat and vibrating massage everything you need to rel..

80,500 ل.س

Ours condom 12 units


2,300 ل.س

A weekly medication portfolio

A weekly medication portfolioBox shape: Rectanglethe color is whiteThe box is divided into 7 section..

2,300 ل.س

Manual blood pressure monitor AKM


34,500 ل.س

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