Vacuum cleaner

Hilife Vacuum Clear 2200 Watt

- Power: 2200W- Full dust indicator- Power control- Hose swivel 360 degree- Automatic hose rewinder-..

271,200 ل.س

Vacuum cleaner brand LG 2200 Watt

LG Vacuum Cleaner, Strong and Effective CleaningLG VP7322NNT vacuum cleaner offers spotlessly clean ..

360,000 ل.س

Vacuum Cleaner Testa

1600 watt, copper engine..

165,600 ل.س

Ximei Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Specifications:The robot cleaner effectively picks up dirt, pet hair and dust from flat floor.Low no..

36,000 ل.س

Vacuum cleaner brand LG 2200 Watt

Durable stainless steel for long life cycledesktop_featureimage_03Cable 9 metersThe vacuum cleaner f..

408,000 ل.س

Vacuum Cleaner Testa

200 watts..

132,000 ل.س

ِAlhafez vacuum cleaner 1600 Watt

– High efficiency motor– Water suction and dust– Dust puffs– Low Noise– Stainless steel elongation t..

160,800 ل.س

Vacuum cleaner brand LG 2400 Watt Car

Key FeaturesHigh suction power - 2400 wattsWith a healthy HEPA filterIt has a large 4 liter compartm..

432,000 ل.س

Hi Life Vacuum Cleaner 1800 Watts

- Ultra-silent.- Dust full indicator.- Air Blowing function.- Noise is less than or equal to 75db.- ..

159,600 ل.س

Hi Life Vacuum Cleaner 1600 Watts

 Power: 1600W- Capacity: 18L- Full Dust Indicator- Air Blow Function- Full Copper Motor- Noise ..

146,400 ل.س

Automatic vacuum cleaner system LG

Type of vacuum cleanercompressorAutomatic dust pressure systemKompressor ™IEC Noise Level (dB)78the ..

456,000 ل.س

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 2000 Watts

 Power : 2000 W Dust bag capacity : 6 L   Anti Bacteria Filter Metal T..

393,600 ل.س

Alanwar Vacuum cleaner 2200 Watt

Dust extraction and dry matterSuction water and liquidsAutomatic shutdown when the tank is fullWasha..

156,000 ل.س

Vacuum cleaner brand LG 2000 Watt Car

Key FeaturesCompressor dust compression technologyHigh suction powerTurbocyclone dust filtration sys..

480,000 ل.س

HI LIFE Dry Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner 2000 W

- Power: 2000 watts- Capacity: 21 liters- Dust fill indicator- Air blowing feature- Copper engine- L..

183,600 ل.س

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