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  ANWARC Electric Heater salon

ANWARC Electric Heater salon

Product Code: an-r6
SKU : sku
  • 180,000

Specifications :

The sides of the heater made of plastic material protect children from any kind of shock

The body of the heater is made of stainless steel

Equipped with three tones (quartz radiators), the capacity of the radiator is one quart (800 watts).

Equipped with a turbine, the installed heat capacity of the turbine is maximum (2000 watts), which works in two stages

Wheels can be pulled easily

Front grille

Equipped with easy-to-control plastic keys

Equipped with a sensor that disconnects the current from the coil when the coil is over glowing in the event that the air exit nozzle in front of the turbine is blocked

The reflector is made of heat-reflective stainless steel, which gives more warmth with less energy

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