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Desert Air Cooler

Desert Air Cooler

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Factures of Air Coolers:

This kind of air coolers have many advantages as following:

1. the machine using copper-wire motor 

2. Large water tank for long time use 

3. high quality evaporative filter cooling pad

4.LCD Panel and Remote Control is available for this evaporative air coolers

5.Movable conveniently, applies to any flat surface

6. Adjustable speed. 

7.Automatic swing function

8. Cools a large area. 

9. Easy to use, easy to clean. 



1. Public places such as supermarket, shopping mall, showroom, gymnasium, restaurant & bar, school, conference hall, shop-floor, canteen, office, recreation facilities, etc.

2. Textile and clothing industry such as weaving factories, woolen textile factories, silk factories, socks factories, knitwear factories, cotton spinning factories, flax textile factories and garment workshop, leather industries, shoes-making factories; Etc.

3. Other places such as product storage, hot industry, greenhouse and stock-raising farm, etc.

Advantage of air cooler:


 WH-50  Using the natural process of water evaporation to reduce ambient tmeperatures by up to 20°F, this unit is much more environmentally friendly than any other AC on the market. Providing improved cooling and lower energy consumption, WH-50  swamp cooler will keep you cool and eco-friendly, all at the same time.

Evaporative Technology

WH-50  water evaporative air  cooler is best used in dry climates or open spaces. Use this unit indoors or out. If indoors leave a window/door open when temperature rises in the room for the best possible cooling affect. This unit is ideal for those dry environments that maintain relatively low humidity levels.

Cooling principle:

Evaporative cooler is a high-tech product developed by the company. It utilizes "evaporative cooling" principle completely, adopts high efficient wet curtain evaporator. Therefore the evaporative cooler has better cooling effect, and can filter the air in the dust, improve air quality.

The cooling principles is: Exhaust air by fan from the unit, then it will be negative pressure inside unit; At the mean while, water is sent to water distributor by pump and sprinkle the surface of wet curtain evenly, and the water will flow directly into the side of air inlet of wet curtain which is designed with special angle; When the hot air passes the surface of wet curtain with water, it will loose considerable heat and get cool, also the air is filtered; Finally, the air become cool, comfort and fresh and the remained water will flow to drainage pan and wait for water cycle.

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