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HUOCHU Granite Pan 20 cm
11% off

HUOCHU Granite Pan 20 cm


3,300 ل.س 3,700 ل.س

POWER FIT Device Sex Pack Care

It is one of the leading devices in the field of fitness for beginners and professionals. It works o..

60,000 ل.س

SHARP Refrigerator 8 Inch

The description:A reverse-pressure G-shock refrigerator that keeps all parts of the refrigerator the..

298,800 ل.س

Full Steel Juicer for Lemon

Full Steel Juicer for Lemon..

1,800 ل.س

3% off


 Year warranty 1- 32 LED- 2HDMI- 1 USB- VGA Audio- PC input- Digital LED Technology- 768p HD Re..

70,500 ل.س 73,000 ل.س

Panasonic 2300W Steam Iron

Easy to handle large iron baseNow everyone can do koi. Easy and convenient, ironing and ironing will..

34,500 ل.س

sugar holder

sugar holder..

1,200 ل.س

Wooden Oval Basket for Bread

Basket of Wide WoodShape: Oval..

2,000 ل.س

PANASONIC Shaver and Trimming Body 6 in 1

Accessories for decorating the face and body: Decorate all body parts for hair, body, beard, armpitQ..

29,700 ل.س

Panasonic Air Conditioner 2 Ton

SINGLE-SPLITE luxury air conditioner with 24000 BTU / 24H thermal heat pump and 26600 BTU /Features:..

476,280 ل.س

Phone with detector brand Panasonic

5 Fast dial 30 EntryLCD ScreenFAST REDIALSpeaker Phone..

23,500 ل.س

Mat run 6 movement

A walking matExercise pressureExercise preparedMassagerTwist diskAerobics ropeWith a screen showing:..

131,250 ل.س

Trampoline device with handle for hands

Trampoline with hand handle Can control the length of the handle Utilizes the aerobics sport Bear an..

70,000 ل.س

Strapless shoes, bags and clothes

The best way to arrange your space. With many shelves and pockets 24/40, this unique smart wardrobe ..

7,500 ل.س

CANDY ZEROWATT Automatic Washing Machine 7 kg 1000 Cycles
6% off

CANDY ZEROWATT Automatic Washing Machine 7 kg 1000 Cycles

- Sensor Activa System, which monitors the amount of washing and balance of the basin and automatica..

246,500 ل.س 262,400 ل.س

bedding sat baby bonny 4143-4135

60*125 mattress..

29,500 ل.س

bedding set sweet 4219

200*90 mattress..

24,300 ل.س

Silk-épil 3 - 3270 Leg and Body Epilator and Shaver Braun

Braun Silk-épil 3 epilator. The light way to remove hair. Reveals and removes the shortest hairs for..

15,000 ل.س

Testa - Citrus juice

Specifications: Capacity 1.5 liters 100 watts capacity With two heads and a cover for dust..

22,000 ل.س

Ramco meat grinder
6% off

Ramco meat grinder

Brand: Ramco Model: RG-560 Power / Capacity Watt: 1900 watts the color: Stallens Steel Power..

65,000 ل.س 69,000 ل.س

A variety of colored cooking

Set of 4 pieces..

46,500 ل.س

Riviera Ice Maker

- Specifications: Production capacity: 18 - 20 kg / day Ice storage capacity: 1.5 kg Water storag..

139,500 ل.س

 Hi Life CV7 Freezer 14 Feet Air Cooler
4% off

Hi Life CV7 Freezer 14 Feet Air Cooler

Marble White- CFC Free, environment friendly refrigerant and insulation material.- Available with pl..

249,700 ل.س 260,200 ل.س

Samsung Air Conditioner 1.5 TON WHITE

Split AC with inverter compressor: Variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat..

365,000 ل.س

Panasonic Electric Mixer 200 Watts

Electric mixerCircuit breakerA bowl of glassCapacity of 1000 mlOne speed with alternating pressure f..

24,400 ل.س

Tefal cooking pot measuring 28


25,300 ل.س

SHARP Electric Oven 62 Liters

Features:The temperature is adjusted to 250 ° CMechanical control settings and thermostat control fo..

73,500 ل.س

Haier Automatic Washing Machine 8 KG 1200 Cycles- White

Black Door - 1200 cycles - Large screen showing heat - Large door opening - 180 ° door - Energy savi..

527,100 ل.س

Hi Life Sailor Refrigerator 20 Feet Dynamic Frost
4% off

Hi Life Sailor Refrigerator 20 Feet Dynamic Frost

- CFC Free, environment friendly refrigerant and insulation material.- Plastic-coated metal grid she..

264,300 ل.س 275,300 ل.س

Melamine Rounded Nuts Plate


2,000 ل.س

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