Terms & Conditions

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.... These are the terms and conditions of using this site

eStore is committed to

1_Provide all information about the site

2- To clarify the type, nature, characteristics, specifications and prices of all products offered by us.


3 - Follow up all stages of completion of the electronic transaction, taking into account the preservation of the privacy of user data.


4 – Clarify the delivery expenses-the expenses are determined by region and product. The expenses will by stated due the electronic transaction.


5- eStore reserves the right to modify prices without prior notice, before the installation of the electronic transaction.


6 – eStore does not bear maintenance expenses related to after sales, but it offers easy access to manufacturers and helps with the after - sales service.



eStore.sy is committed to replace and refund after 1 day of delivery under these conditions

B. eStore is commit to replace the product and refund the amount paid after one day from the date of delivery, except under the following conditions:


1 - If the product is used or benefited from the service within a period of time beyond the agreed trial period.


2 - If the product was prepared with special specifications for the consumer or adjusted to suit his request.


3. If the consumer removes the stamps from audio or video recordings or software and information materials.


4. In case of purchase of publications and books.


5. In the case of a defect in the product or service as a result of misuse or wrong preservation by the consumer.


6 - If the commodity is software downloaded from the Internet unless there is a defect that the consumer did not have any role in it.




C. The customer has the right to cancel the order without any additional costs, only if he notify us one day before receiving the product.

The Approval of these Terms is an integral part of the Electronic Transaction and upon approval, you agree to the Company's Authorized Policy.