POWER FIT Treadmill 120 KG

POWER FIT Treadmill 120 KG

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The treadmill is one of the best weight loss devices. It allows you to walk, run, and run around without having to go outside or go to the squares and sports parks, respectively. This operating system can lose weight without experiencing traffic accidents or exposure to cold and dust. And other environmental conditions

The treadmill is very suitable for women, the annual senior is suitable for people who do not have time to walk and walk. The running ring reduces weight and can walk and run in offices or at home.

The benefits of walking, like the benefits of walking, many of them are the benefits of walking to a crush and it works to remove the accumulated fat in the rumen and buttocks and the benefits of walking

Digital screen showing distance, speed, calories, time and heart rate

USB can be put to hear music and there are additional games

As well as a vibrator to break up grease

Dunable Aerobic

Stomach device

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