The Novel "Tolstoy Confession" by the Russian Writer Leo Tolstoy

The Novel "Tolstoy Confession" by the Russian Writer Leo Tolstoy

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A book of recognition by the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy is a brief autobiography of a conflict experienced by the writer, and the codification of his quest for answers to the first existential question: What is the purpose of all this? Why are we here?

Rationalistic mixed thinking with the enthusiasm of young people led our author Tolstoy to leave the religion that he had grown up from as early as he was young. Having lived a life filled with luxury and luxury, and having satisfied all his whims and material desires, he saw his life withering and his activity drained and his heart fell apart and pyramid. He suffered a great shock, is this the fate of man? Does this man end with all his dreams and memories? To nothingness and nothing else ..?

These questions kept Tolstoy out of his sight, and he lived a time when he was close to suicide if he had not saved him. These questions and concerns were being loaned from one day to the next, and he was paying for his loss. He did not want to start a journey of research in the various human knowledge behind the answers to those questions. But he did not find his question in any of that knowledge.

Tolstoy completed his research journey, paying attention to the error that occurred when he searched for answers by delving into human knowledge. In the quest for light, he began to follow the path that people, unlike the great scholars who sought him, continued to follow, unlike the classmates of his bourgeois class who looked at life and humanity with their perspective. Tolstoy was surprised to see that huge aspect of life, which he had not thought of getting down to before, and was not even aware of it. All this ultimately led him to reconcile with all humankind, with his life, and even with death, disease and suffering.

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