French Tefal Cooking Pot

The Titanium Force layer lasts twice as long as other speciesMade of high quality luxury materialsSa..

25,500 ل.س

Hi Life Horizontal Kitchen Hood - Slim

- Twin motors- Air Flow: 700 m3/hr.- 3 Speed Push Buttons- 2 Charcoal Filter- 3 layers alunimum..

63,500 ل.س

Panasonic Smart Food Processor

- 5 Pre-Programmed Preparation Lists- Multi-use Accessories Number / 13 /..

160,000 ل.س

Tefal cooking pot measuring22


22,000 ل.س

Spices Set & Chopper-Wood 2 Pieces


5,500 ل.س

Vertical Lightweight wash dryer  

Vertical Lightweight wash dryer Vertical wash with wheelbase for ease of movement Weight of was..

12,500 ل.س

Porcelain Coffee Cups with Circular Plate - 6 pieces

Porcelain Coffee CupsPlate Shaped CircleSet of 6 Cups..

7,700 ل.س

Set of Tea Glass Cups with Plate - 6 Pieces - Legion

Cups for Tea Square Shape with Glass PlatesSet of 6 pieces..

5,000 ل.س

Melamine Flowered Rectangular Tray

Long TrayShape RectangleType Melamine..

2,000 ل.س

HUOCHU Granite Set Cookers

4 Pieces of Granite Cookers20-24-28-32 cmHUOCHU..

44,000 ل.س

A variety of colored cooking

Set of 7 pieces..

86,500 ل.س

Royal Digital Water Cooler Silver

Digital with RefrigeratorSilver Color..

119,000 ل.س

Panasonic Hand Mixer 4 Blades

4 bladesBaby lock + 2 step switchDouble protection of the engineCircular cutters..

40,000 ل.س

Porcelain Cup-Mediate Size


450 ل.س

Melamine Tray-Mediate


1,700 ل.س

HUOCHU Granite Omlet Pan Double

Double pan with two sides 32 cmA double side dish operated by thermal recycling,Speed ​​in heat tran..

11,600 ل.س

Long Wooden Pouring Spoon

Long Wooden Spoon37 cm..

950 ل.س

Melamine Flowered Plate -Pineapple Shape

Flowered Melamine Pineapple Shape..

1,000 ل.س

Crystal Bowel for Salad Apple Model

Crystal Bowel for SaladModel: Apple..

5,400 ل.س

Tefal Chinese Medium Cooker 26 cm

Tefal Tembo FlimStripedMade in China..

9,700 ل.س

A set of stalys trays


17,000 ل.س

Hi Life Horizontal Kitchen Hood - Slim White

- 1 motor- Air Flow: 350 m3/hr.- 3 Speed Push Buttons- Charcoal Filter- 3 layers alunimum filte..

47,000 ل.س

Panasonic Hand Mixer with a Cup

Hand mixer with cupEasy handle of constipation2 straight blade for cutting with 2 twisted blade for ..

21,500 ل.س

HAIER Dishwasher- Silver color

- Dishwasher silver color - Capacity 14 kit - equipped with 6 programs - and five levels to the Temp..

237,300 ل.س

Formica Rounded Tray-Small 30 cm


1,200 ل.س

HUOCHU Granite Pan 28 cm


10,000 ل.س

Set of Steel Cookers 6 Pieces

Steel Cookers with Steel Lids6 Pieces:Saucepan 16 cm with lidCasserole 16 cm with lidCasserole 18 cm..

35,000 ل.س

sugar holder

sugar holder..

1,200 ل.س

Wooden Oval Basket for Bread

Basket of Wide WoodShape: Oval..

2,000 ل.س

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