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POWER FIT Magnetic bicycle bears high weights

On bail for six months1) Quiet and very smooth during use2) Durable and durable3) Smooth handle and ..

241,500 ل.س

Testa Hair Straightener 45 Watts

Brand: Testa Ceramic Professional Hair StraightenerPower : 45 WattsCeramic coating plateAdjustable t..

16,100 ل.س

Squared Plastic Brush for Toilet

 Plastic Brush for ToiletDecorated  Plastic ColoredSteel Handle..

1,150 ل.س

Flowered Candle with Gift Box - Big


2,200 ل.س

Straw Basket for Fruits - Gold & White

Rectangular basket of straw for fruitsColor: White & Gold..

1,850 ل.س

Set of Crystal Bowels for Nuts 6 Pcs - Rectangular Shape

Crystal BowelNumber 6 PiecesShape of Rectangle..

5,400 ل.س

Tefal Chinese Small Cooker 20 cm

Tefal Tembo FlimStripedMade in China..

12,500 ل.س

SHARP Horizontal Freezer 24 Feet

Horizontal Fraser 24 feetWhite colorThe possibility of using the refrigerator or freezerTropical com..

327,400 ل.س

Panasonic Air Conditioner 2 Ton

SINGLE-SPLITE luxury air conditioner with 24000 BTU / 24H thermal heat pump and 26600 BTU /Features:..

455,700 ل.س

HUOCHU Granite Pans

5 Pieces of Granite Pans20 - 22 - 24 - 26 - 28 cmHUOCHU..

25,000 ل.س

Ping Pong International Table

Thickness of 18 mmIts sides are covered with a metal frame to avoid breakingEquipped with wheels for..

414,000 ل.س

Trampoline device with handle for hands

Trampoline with hand handle Can control the length of the handle Utilizes the aerobics sport Bear an..

80,500 ل.س

SHARP Automatic Washing Machine 8 KG

Front loading washing machine• 1200 cycles per minute• Dual pumping system• Fast wash in 15 minutes•..

305,900 ل.س

HI LIFE Dry Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner 2000 W

- Power: 2000 watts- Capacity: 21 liters- Dust fill indicator- Air blowing feature- Copper engine- L..

49,000 ل.س

Bedding set play fal 4356

90*200 mattress..

40,500 ل.س

Tefal steam iron


8,500 ل.س

Garmant steamer 2000 Watt DSP

We spend on ironing clothes a lot of time, this is one of the most unpleasant household duties. Heav..

75,000 ل.س

Testa - Stainless electric kettle

Specifications: Made of stainless steel Capacity 200 watts Capacity of 1.7 liters..

26,000 ل.س

PHILIPS Hair Straightener 8321

Long boards for better and faster results* The lock mechanism is intelligently placed* Cer..

17,500 ل.س

Tefal Frying pan Tempo Flim measuring 20 cm

Elegant range for perfect results. It is constructed from thicker gauge aluminum to give excellent h..

12,000 ل.س

 Hi Life Refrigerator Mystro Air Cooler 16 Feet  Hi Life Refrigerator Mystro Air Cooler 16 Feet
4% off

Hi Life Refrigerator Mystro Air Cooler 16 Feet

White Marble, Nets shelves, Digital Display- CFC Free, environment friendly refrigerant and insulati..

305,800 ل.س 318,500 ل.س

Candy  microwave oven 36-liter
6% off

Candy microwave oven 36-liter

- Capacity: 28 liters. - Available in two colors: Silver (CMG9428DS) and White (CMG2893DW code) ..

79,000 ل.س 84,000 ل.س

Candy Washing Grando Machine 7 KG 1,000 RPM

1 year warranty- Sensor Activa System monitors the drum’s balance and washload condition then automa..

275,000 ل.س

 Hi Life EVO Gas/Electric Oven International White  Hi Life EVO Gas/Electric Oven International White
4% off

Hi Life EVO Gas/Electric Oven International White

- Rear chimney directing steam to the top hood, prevents steam overflow when opening the oven’s door..

274,600 ل.س 286,000 ل.س



1,500 ل.س

Panasonic Meat grinder 2700 Watts

2700 wattsPowerful engineStainless steel cutting bladeA two-speed control with reverse mode of opera..

179,900 ل.س

Tefal cooking pot measuring 26


24,200 ل.س

SHARP Refrigerator 8 Inch

The description:A reverse-pressure G-shock refrigerator that keeps all parts of the refrigerator the..

310,700 ل.س


Made in Syria1 year warranty..

20,000 ل.س

Alanwar washing machine 7 KG

Capacity 7 kgDigital Screen1000 cycles of dryingInstallation is free7-year engine warrantyGeneral Fr..

199,000 ل.س

Spices Set & Chopper-Wood 2 Pieces


6,900 ل.س

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