Transcend External Hard Disk Drive 1 TB

Transcend External Hard Disk Drive 1 TB

  • Product Code: HDD TRANSCEND 1TERA
  • Availability: 10
  • 35,600 ل.س

Capacity: 1 TB

Plug: USB 3.0 and USB 2.0

the description:

This external hard drive is resistant to shocks as it has been tested in US Army standards fall tests. It has been protected by the Stig Chock 3 protection system, which works in harsh environmental conditions. The 2.5-inch HDPE HDD enclosure features an external shell made of anti-slip silicone. The engine includes a shock absorber. All of these features however reduce the damage caused by the effects by providing maximum shock absorber capacity. This engine can provide 1 TB of storage space for storing more than 16,000 hours of digital music, 168 hours of 1080p high-resolution stills or 480,000 high resolution images.

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