Vacuum cleaner brand LG

Vacuum cleaner brand LG

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Key Features

Compressor dust compression technology

High suction power

Turbocyclone dust filtration system

Easy and healthy cleansing

Compressor Dust Compression System *

Kompressor * technology allows you to collect more dust in a container **. The special blade in the container blows dust into compressed molds, ensuring large capacity **, as well as easy and hygienic cleaning.

Kompressor * - triple dust pressure

Kompressor allows you to hold up to 3 times as much dust in a container ** and dump compressed molds easily.

LG provides a 10-year warranty on Kompressor * dust compression system (container, blade, rotation mechanism, blade motor). Each vacuum cleaner also has 1 year of full warranty service.

Turbocyclone system: consistently high suction power

The Turbocyclone dust filtration system provides consistently high suction power, making dust filtration and compression more efficient. The falling dust stream is divided into "Turbocyclone" into two streams: the dust is separated from the air. In this case, the dust stream enters into a separate container, where dust is compressed into molds, and the air stream flows more freely through the filtration system, providing clean air at the air outlet.

Easy and healthy cleansing

The dust enters into a motorized container designed to compact and remove waste conveniently. This technology provides minimal dust contact.

HEPA Filter 13/14 *

High-performance HEPA * filter compensates for harmful dust particles

It provides clean exhaust air.

Turbo brush

The LG vacuum cleaner will not only clean the floor of your room, but also effectively remove dust and hair from the carpet with a rotating turbo brush.

Crevice nozzle

Using the incision nozzle, you can easily clean

Even in inaccessible places, as in the corners of the room.

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