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Full HD 3D Blu-ray disc player with four speakers and subwoofer, 300W, online entertainment

Watch Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc movies and DVDs

Enjoy TV, films and music from the Internet

Online movies and music look and sound sharper

Cinema Sound

It's not just about great pictures, is it? Sound is half the story and with this home theatre system you get sound to make movies come alive. Multiple speakers, powerful subwoofer, an array of Dolby audio features. Every squeal of tyres, shotgun blast and alien shriek will have you jumping in your seat.

Join the Cast in 3D

Go on, try it. Put on a favourite movie. See how the action jumps right out of the screen then pulls you in so you feel like one of the cast. This Blu-ray system opens up an exciting new experience for you, playing brilliantly detailed 3D Blu-ray films.

Discover High Definition

There's nothing like Blu-ray for clarity and realism. See every blade of grass in perfect definition, all the detail in dark scenes and colours as vivid as those in the real world. Five times sharper than DVD. You need to be involved.

Upscale Your DVDs

Time to give those old DVD movies a new lease of life. Slot them in your Blu-ray system and enjoy them in near HD quality.

Forget Cables

Just connect a USB Wireless LAN adaptor to this Wi-Fi ready system and you're ready to take advantage of worlds of online entertainment. Access on demand services, share photos and music, stream content from your PC. Not a wire in sight.

Entertainment Unlimited

Go to Sony Entertainment Network and find all the films, songs, TV shows and apps you need. Be entertained on your terms. You choose the content, you choose the time, you take control.

Connect and Play

Simply connect your digital camera, flash drive or hard disc to one of two USB ports and play slideshows, movies and music through your Blu-ray system and TV. So easy.

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