The Novel "Then ..." by the French Writer Guillaume Musso

The novel (and after) is the first novel of the days of miso translated into Arabic. Is a novel abou..

1,600 ل.س

The Book "Too Nice For Your Own Good" by the Writer Duke Robinson

In this book the author refers to some behaviors as errors. He studies things that good people do in..

2,300 ل.س

The Novel "The Journey of Ibn Fattouma" by the Egyptian Novelist Naguib Mahfouz

"The Journey of Ibn Fatoumah" is one of the world masterpieces of the great writer "Naguib Mahfouz" ..

1,200 ل.س

The Book "The Wisdom of Prophet Mohammad" by the Russian Writer Leo Tolstoy

"The wisdom of the Prophet" is a book in which the writer and novelist Tolstoy speaks about the Prop..

1,800 ل.س

The Book "Whispers for the Soul" by the Writer Sjereen AL-Najar

This book also moves the bee from one flower to another in orchards and prairies.The author also mov..

3,000 ل.س

The Novel "Al Roumi: The Fire of Love" by the Iranian Writer Nihal Tajadod

The novel "Al Roumi: The Fire of Love" deals with the Iranian writer who lives in France, Nehal Rene..

2,000 ل.س

The Novel "The Lost Mamluk" by the Lebanese Writer Georgy Zidan

The novel "The Lost Mamluk" is part of the series "The History of Islam" by Gerji Zidane. The novel ..

1,500 ل.س

The Book "Just for Men" by the Palestinian Writer Adham Sharqawi

The book revolves around the ability of God to create Eve from a separate soil as Adam created, but ..

3,000 ل.س

The Book "Cardle" by the Palestinian Writer Mohammad Radwan

A controversial book by the Palestinian writer Mohammed Radwan, where the writer chose the name of C..

2,400 ل.س

The Novel "Farewell Damascus" by the Syrian Author Ghada AL-Samman

The Syrian novelist Ghada Al-Samman returns to her city in the fifties and sixties of the last centu..

1,300 ل.س

The Novel "Adrift on the Nile" by the Egyptian Novelist Naguib Mahfouz

"Adrift on the Nile" is a book written by Egyptian Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz. The book was writt..

1,200 ل.س

The Novel "The Season of Deer Hunting" by the Egyptian Writer Ahmad Murad

"The instinct of hunting has deep roots in the genes of the human race, and it shares the instinct o..

1,600 ل.س

The Novel "The Ambiguous Crime" by the American Writer Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is the greatest detective novelist in history, selling more than a billion copies of..

1,200 ل.س

The Novel "The Bastard of Istanbul" by the Turkish Novelist Elif Shafak

The story of Istanbul is the second novel by Elif Shafak, which was written in English. This novel h..

1,500 ل.س

The Book "A Dialogue with my Atheist Friend" by the Egyptian Writer Mustafa Mahmoud

"Dialogue with my atheist friend" written by the philosopher and physician Mustafa Mahmoud, issued i..

1,800 ل.س

The Novel "Love with Drowning Color" by the Syrian Writer Bayan Kaabour

"To those who do not smile a lot ...Who have known them for ages and have not discovered until recen..

1,600 ل.س

The Novel "Gone with the Wind" by the American Writer Margaret Mitchell

Gone with the Wind is a masterpiece of world literature by American author Margaret Mitchell, her on..

1,700 ل.س

The Novel "The Stranger" by the French Writer Albert Camus

The novel "The Stranger" is one of the world's most famous novels translated into more than 40 world..

1,200 ل.س

The Book "Politics" by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle

In this book Aristotle deals with the presentation of policy principles in a scientific way. Al..

3,000 ل.س

The Book "Man's Search for the Meaning" by the Psychologist Viktore Frankl

* "Man is looking for meaning" is the title of a book with a unique, in-depth study of life experien..

2,600 ل.س

The Novel "1984" by the British Novelist George Orwell

One of Orwell's most famous novels, Orwell wrote in this novel: "We realize that no one takes power ..

1,800 ل.س

The Novel "AL-Mashreq Ports" by the Lebanese Writer Amin Maalouf

"The Ports of Mashreq" is an interesting novel from Amin Maalouf's novels written in French. Nahla B..

1,500 ل.س

The Book "Forgiveness Letter" by the Syrian Poet Abu AL-Alaa AL-Maarri

The message of forgiveness is a literary work by Abu Ala al-Ma'arri, one of the most beautiful books..

2,300 ل.س

The Book "Over a Bag" by the Saudi Writer Nada Naser

The title describes a state of mobility, instability, and constant search for another option ..It ma..

2,400 ل.س

The Novel "Revenge" by the Norwegian Novelist Jo Nesbo

The novel "Revenge" wonderful masterpieces of the novelist "Joe Nisbo", and the events of this novel..

2,100 ل.س

The Novel "Two Faces for One Heart" by the Egyptian Writer Sara Muhammad

The novel discusses the issue of spinsterhood, trying to make the reader live the suffering of "Ola"..

1,600 ل.س

The Novel "Mother" by the Russian Writer Maxim Gorky

 The  novel "Mother" is a novel by Maxim Gorky about the conditions of the Bolshevik Revol..

1,500 ل.س

The Novel "The Trial" by the Czech Writer Franz Kafka

Literary Famous work that addresses the problems of oppression, injustice and absurdity experienced ..

1,600 ل.س

The Book "The Guidance for Child's Behavior" by the Writer Anas Shakshack

The book examines the behavioral disorder and the nature of emotional growth in children, and displa..

2,600 ل.س

The Novel "AL-Motamahdi Prisoner' by the Lebanese Writer George Zidan

The novel is an historical and romantic novel that includes a description of the events experienced ..

1,500 ل.س

The Novel "After 7 Years" by the French Writer Gaillume Musso

A journey travels from New York to Sao Paulo via the streets of Paris.An adventurous couple find the..

1,600 ل.س

The Book "Mighty City" by the Saudi Writer Omar AL-Ghamedi

The book discusses ways to encourage the reader to be patient, to motivate the spirit of youth to ov..

3,000 ل.س

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