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Panasonic wireless phone

wireless phone..

27,200 ل.س

Testa - Stainless electric kettle

Specifications: Made of stainless steel Capacity 200 watts Capacity of 1.7 liters..

35,000 ل.س

A variety of colored cooking

Set of 5 pieces..

100,000 ل.س

Hi Life Air Conditioner White color 1 ton

Available in white Digital Screen Includes pipe and complete assembly set1 year warranty..

525,000 ل.س

Candy Washing Grando Machine 7 KG 1,000 RPM

1 year warranty- Sensor Activa System monitors the drum’s balance and washload condition then automa..

600,000 ل.س

 Hi Life EVO Gas/Electric Oven International White 90*60  Hi Life EVO Gas/Electric Oven International White 90*60
3% off

Hi Life EVO Gas/Electric Oven International White 90*60

- Rear chimney directing steam to the top hood, prevents steam overflow when opening the oven’s door..

680,000 ل.س 704,000 ل.س

Panasonic Meat grinder 1500 Watts

Meat grinder 1500 watts- Circuit breaker- Large metal bowl- 3 blades for cutting stainless steel- sa..

220,000 ل.س

Corset Of the foot XIONGYING


3,500 ل.س

Spices Steel Chopper-Double-Two Sides


6,500 ل.س

POWER FIT Crazy Feet 2 horsepower  

On bail for six months Fractional Fibrillator For diet and fitnessFor massage and slimming..

316,250 ل.س

Set of Porcelain Colored Coffee Cups- 6 Pieces

Set of 6 Porcelain Colored CupsWith Rack for Plates & Cups..

14,500 ل.س

Set of Tea Glass Cups with Plate - 6 Pieces - Lola

  Cups for Tea with Glass PlatesSet of 6 pieces..

9,500 ل.س

Melamine Flowered Rectangular Tray with Two Hands

Wide TrayShape RectangleType Melamine..

7,500 ل.س

POWER FIT Treadmill

A walking device is one of the best weight loss weight loss devices. Let you walk, jog and you are i..

925,060 ل.س

A treadmill 6 movements

Electricity providerIt bears the weight of 100 kgThe speed of 1 to 12KMSuitable for small housesFold..

713,000 ل.س

Water cooler White Brand hilife
-1% off

Water cooler White Brand hilife

Hot cold with hot water lock for children protection Stylish modern design Water tank made of stainl..

171,500 ل.س 169,000 ل.س


Made in Syria1 year warranty..

29,000 ل.س


 Length: 45 cmWidth: 95 cm The thickness of the device is approximately 3 cm to 7 cmYear warran..

169,000 ل.س

PANASONIC Landline Telephone

Brand: PanasonicType: Telephoneblack colorLCD screen: 2 lines (16 number and date / picture)Caller I..

34,000 ل.س

SHARP Refrigerator 14 feet inverter

The description:A reverse-pressure G-shock refrigerator that keeps all parts of the refrigerator the..

900,000 ل.س

SHARP Horizontal Freezer 24 Feet

Horizontal Fraser 24 feetWhite colorThe possibility of using the refrigerator or freezerTropical com..

960,000 ل.س

Electric blower Brand Ronex

Rubber blow tubeVacuum dust bagCompatible lightweight designModel 1207Power 600WVoltage 220VRepeated..

12,000 ل.س

Cooker 3 heads crystal crystal brand Shibli

Heat resistant crystal gearFull safety against leakageElectronic fireEase of use..

51,250 ل.س

Steam water spray iron brand DSP

Iron KD1004Water sprayStrong splash of steam.Vertical steam.Ceramic cover plate.Self-cleaning.Temper..

25,000 ل.س

container + strainer

1 unit..

11,500 ل.س

Alhafez refrigerator Side by side 30 feet Alhafez refrigerator Side by side 30 feet
4% off

Alhafez refrigerator Side by side 30 feet

Features   – A comprehensive air distribution system– Tropical compressor  ..

1,675,008 ل.س 1,744,800 ل.س

General power induction cooker for stainless

3 hours timer4 digits displaystrong fire cooking..

55,000 ل.س

LG Ref 23 Feet White

Multi Air FlowFast & Even CoolingCooling air is supplied in every corner of refrigerator with mu..

1,416,000 ل.س

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